Fonte Santa Maria - Classico Leccino Frantoio and Moraiolo


Our FONTE SANTA MARIA Extravirgin Olive Oil is cold-extracted, in a period between October and November, from the Moraiolo's, Leccino's and Frantoio's cultivar, in different quantity for each season.


- Variety: Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo
- Soil: Stony and Calcareous
- Altitude: 350 m s.l.m.
- Harvester: October and November
- Crushing: less then four from the harvester
- Storage: Preserved in stainless silos
- Features: Fruity, Spicy and Balanced Oil with notes of Bitter Almond, Green Leaf, and Pot Herbs.


- Bottle 250 ml
- Bottle 500 ml
- Can 1L
- Can 3L
- Can 5L

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